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USAJOBS Questionnaire Challenge: Are you Guilty of Deflating your Answers?

Are You Guilty? The Federal Jobseeker and Deflating Questionnaire Responses Almost every position posted on USAJOBS requires a resume, supporting documents, and a completed “self-assessment questionnaire.” Many first-time federal jobseekers are unfamiliar with the questionnaire requirement and express surprise when faced with the daunting prospect of answering extensive, detailed questions about their professional experience. Even…

New Job Application Process for Administrative Law Judge Openings Requires 13 Written Narratives

BREAKING NEWS: Congratulations, if you are invited to the Online Component. We recommend our ALJ Writing Guide to review the 13 ALJ Competencies! We also recommend our Structured Interview practice if you are invited to the Structured Interview component of the ALJ Examination. The federal government has added requirements to the process of applying for…

Build Your Case for the Senior Executive Service (SES)

Now is the time to look at the experience and training you’ll need, if you want to join the Senior Executive Service within five years. OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications narratives are a tool for assessing where you are, as well as applying for SES and Career Development Programs. Learn how to write the ECQs with the help of co-author’s Kathryn Troutman and Diane Hudson Burns’ new book The New SES Application and their January SES Writing Workshop held by the Federal Career Training Institute. Troutman offer tips to jumpstart the writing process.