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Career Change and Military Transition Samples

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Supply, Logistics, Administrative, Human Resources

Intelligence, Law Enforcement

All grade levels, GS 7 to 13 samples


Military to Federal Career Guide 2nd Edition

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Federal resume writing for veterans

President Obama has created a new program to hire more vets into the federal government. But even if there are more jobs, you STILL have to write a competitive federal resume. This book is designed to help you write a federal resume that will translate your military skills and competencies into the federal skills, keywords and qualifications. The samples are easy to read and understand. All of the case studies include the target announcement, keyword list and the resume that matches. This book is easy to read and follow to write your own federal resume.

Includes access to online CD-ROM with federal resume samples from the 1st edition AND the new case study samples from the 2nd edition! Preview the CD-ROM contents »

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