Your work-related accomplishments can help you get Best Qualified, Referred to a Supervisor, Selected for an Interview. The accomplishments can help you successfully carry out a Performance Based Iinterview (PBI), and feel confident that you are a valued employee!

Start writing your accomplishments now with our CCAR Accomplishment Builder. It’s easy, just type your story in the fields and hit SUBMIT. The results will come to your email immediately and it will look GREAT! The CCAR Accomplishment story-telling format is a popular accomplishment and interview story model recommended by Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and Human Resources Specialists in government. Tell your story with each step of the way!

The CCAR Model

  • Context – Describe the individuals and groups you worked with, and/or the environment in which you worked, to address a particular challenge (e.g., clients, co-workers, members of Congress, shrinking budget, low morale).
  • Challenge – Describe a specific problem or goal.
  • Action – Discuss the specific actions you took to address a challenge.
  • Results – Give specific examples of measures/outcomes that had some impact on the organization.
  • Write the title of your accomplishment story here. The title of your accomplishment will help you remember this for a job interview, your ECQs or your resume.
    Example: Saved $10 million for my agency.... or Created a new program.
  • Your title and office and dates where you achieved this accomplishment.
  • What was the challenge? Be sure to relate the challenge to the particular accomplishment. Was it the first time this had been done? Were there very tight deadlines? Was there a shortage of staff?
  • Actions

    What specific action(s) did you take to address the challenge? Did you research something? Did you answer difficult questions before a hostile audience? Did you figure out how to do more with less?

  • What happened? (quantify with numbers if possible) Was the problem solved? Did you save money? Did you reduce processing time; if so by how much? Did you receive an award? Did your supervisor or customers make positive comments to you? Is there a performance evaluation comment which discusses your success?
  • Next, you will receive your CCAR Accomplishment in your email within a few minutes!

    Good luck with your Federal Resume, Annual Evaluation, Behavior-Based Interview, or SES ECQs!

    We recommend that you write 5 CCARS to get ready for the interview or the new Federal Resume!

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