This one-day, two-day, half-day, 90-min webinar writing virtual (or live) workshop is highly effective for executives who need to be inspired to write about their best leadership accomplishments in the past 5 to 10 years.

Executives are expert, knowledgeable, and experienced, but they still struggle with writing ECQs, TQs and the executive federal SES resume for the ultimate promotion in government – Senior Executive Service. This one or two-day ECQ Writing workshop is highly effective for executives who need to be inspired to write about their best leadership accomplishments in the past 5 to 10 years.

A customized SES Writer’s Guide and step-by-step workbook will facilitate their writing new resume and ECQ sections in class. Participants will learn a new way of thinking and writing about senior management positions in government and their employee’s role in current or future government leadership.

The workshop also presents opportunities for establishing contacts. Instructional methods include: in-class exercises focusing on accomplishments; interviewing, brainstorming, writing, and sharing ECQ examples; analysis of announcements for target language; and incorporation of the Leadership Competencies.

Preferred classroom format: Virtual training via the Zoom platform. Active participation in the chat and interviews. Live USAJOBS tours and online research. Lessons in writing ECQ writing with Contact, Challenge, Action and Results: ECQ definitions, length, executive-level writing.

Course length: Full day, half day, or 90 minute webinars

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TRAINING RATES – per 20 attendees:

Additional Attendees will be $274 per person for full-day; $170 for half-day

  • Government One Day Training Rate: $5,486 per day (one instructor)
  • Commercial One Day Training Rate: $5,760 per day (one instructor)
  • Government Half Day (3.5 hours) Training Rate: $3,386 per half day (one instructor)
  • Commercial Half Day Training Rate: $3,555 per half day (one instructor)

Travel is not included in the Instructor fee.

Class text:
Writing the New SES Application, 2nd Edition
Print book plus shipping is $31.95
Book PDF is $21.95

Key Course Objectives:

  • Compose extraordinary Executive Federal Resumes
  • Grasp how the SES hiring process is managed by agencies and OPM
  • Identify the ECQs and the corresponding 27 Leadership Competencies
  • Use the Office of Personnel Management’s preferred Context-Challenge-Action-Results (CCAR) model to write about the Executive Core Qualifications
  • Think UP the organizational ladder
  • Demonstrate in writing the applicant’s decision-making, leadership, and organizational abilities
  • Create impressive work experience descriptions
  • Write outstanding profile statements at the executive level
  • Analyze Technical and Managerial Factors
  • Create attention-grabbing cover letters for SES application packages
  • Understand how to address and write powerful and effective technical qualifications

The Resume Place training and books are on the GSA Schedule (GS-02F-0023S)

Small, Woman-Owned Business and CCR Registered.

Evaluation Quotes/Testimonials from SESCDP, VA, April 30-May 1, 2024:

Engaging and Interactive Instructors

  • “Kathryn is very engaging and clearly loves what she does. Good usage of real world examples.”
  • “Kathryn is an expert in this field. Her guidance and advice was spot on and extremely helpful.”
  • “Kathryn’s storytelling and references were great!”
  • “Loved the very direct feedback [from Kathryn]! Especially when reviewing our class examples.”
  • “Steve’s portion [on Executive Plain Language Writing] was extremely compelling and interesting.”
  • “Steve was outstanding. I could have participated in an all-day session focused on his topics.”
  • “Steve was amazing. He was also my writing coach. Great advice on simple writing and focused writing.”
  • “I wish we could have had more time with Steve. I thought I was a solid writer until his class. Loved the examples, especially showing incremental improvements to language – good, better, best! Lots of takeaways, and I feel confident I can significantly improve my ECQs and overall writing following his course.”
  • “I was on the edge of my seat. I was totally engaged. Steve was amazing.”
  • “Nicole was very passionate about her topics, kept my attention.”
  • “Nicole had great references and examples to illustrate her discussion points.”
  • “Nicole was amazing! I appreciated all her feedback on the CCARs.”
  • “Great insights and recommendations [from Nicole]. Very thoughtful and responsive to questions.”
  • “Nicole had a very engaging facilitation style and great insights.”

Relevant Content and Useful Materials

  • “It was a tremendous program. Created lots of new (good) work for me to update ECQ and my resume. Feel so much more confident now. Books are very good after flipping through a few pages.”
  • “I was extremely satisfied with the one-on-one feedback that was given and the practice time that was allotted.
  • “Very useful information shared by Nicole, Steve and Kathryn. I definitely feel I will be able to apply what was shared to improve my ECQs and resume.”
  • “Still have much work to do but now I have the tools required to successfully complete my ECQs and Resume.”
  • “If my package is rejected, I’ll be able to fix things without a lot of stress (except I will be stressed by the nature of getting a package kicked back).”
  • “I had written numerous ECQs, and this program made it abundantly clear where I missed the mark.”
  • “I am leaving with some immediately actionable nuggets that I can apply.”
  • “I feel better prepared.”
  • Writing the New SES Application and The Federal Resume Guidebook are invaluable resources for my use and will also allow me to be helpful in giving advice to others.”
  • “I understand the importance [of Executive Plain Language Writing], but from Steve’s presentation it is clear that this is an art form that will take much practice to perfect!”
  • “I am preparing for an SES interview … Having done a couple of interviews for SES positions, and not been selected, I knew where I failed. I am preparing differently now, I and am comfortable with how to do better.”
  • “I would feel comfortable now doing an interview.”
  • “Very helpful and engaging course. Has definitely improved my understanding of the ECQs and writing skills.”
  • “This could easily be a three-day course, but as is, I’m glad for the time we had and for the very relevant topics, each more useful than the next. This is a must-do course!”