SES Structured Interview Workshop

The goal of this course is for participants to write and practice interview stories based on the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) and possible Mandatory Technical Qualifications (MTQ) questions they might encounter when interviewing for a Senior Executive Service (SES) position. This course is designed to focus on the structured interview portion of the extensive SES application process.

Workshop Format

Whether delivered virtually or in-person, this course is presented in an interactive workshop format. Participants will write and share drafts with their peers, give and receive feedback, practice interviewing, and build a network of supportive contacts.


This course is designed to help SES candidates understand the structured interview and explain OPM’s requirements for using this interview method to evaluate competencies. Participants study the most common SES Interview Evaluation Template and its 1-4 scale ratings. The curriculum offers a step-by-step approach to preparing for a structured interview. Candidates will leave the class with the necessary tools to demonstrate fundamental competencies and evidence of special or unique qualities.

Key Objectives

Participants will be asked to bring their most recent resume, a Top Ten List of Accomplishments if they have one, copies of any CCAR Accomplishments they have written, and last year’s evaluation.

Participants will:

  • Study OPM’s Practical Guide to Structured Interviews
  • Learn the QRB Interview Evaluation Template and its rating scale
  • Analyze job announcements line-by-line, including the MTQ
  • Research the agency and office
  • Draft and/or review accomplishment stories in the Context-Challenge-Actions-Results (CCAR) format to prepare interview content
  • Identify and describe evidence of special or unique qualities
  • Demonstrate fundamental competencies
  • Plan and practice for SES structured interviews
  • Be confident and prepared

Preferred format: Virtual training via the Zoom platform. Active participation in the chats, peer review workshops, and practice interviews is required.

Course text

Each participant will be required to purchase the course text, Writing the New SES Application, 2nd Edition. The printed book is $21.95 plus $10 for shipping. The PDF version is $21.95. If you would like to order 20 PDF copies for class participants, the cost is $439.

Course length: Full day, half day, or 90 minute webinars

TRAINING RATES – Per 20 attendees

Additional Attendees will be $274 per person for full day; $170 for half day

  • SES Structured Interview Workshop, full day
    Government Training Rate: $5,486
    Commercial Training Rate: $5,760
  • SES Structured Interview Workshop, half day
    Government Training Rate: $3,386
    Commercial Training Rate: $3,555
  • SES Structured Interview Workshop, 90-minute webinar—with Zoom administration
    Government Training Rate: $3,000
    Commercial Training Rate: $3,150

Pricing includes agenda designed to meet course objectives, attendee registration, technical support and chat content forwarded to attendees.

*Travel for in-person instruction is not included in the instructor’s fee.