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Consult with a Certified Federal Resume Writer® about your federal resume.

A Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW®) will review your USAJOBS and federal job search information, resume, announcement, and objectives.

Resume Place, Inc. Writers and Federal Job Application Coaches: Click to view.

For one hour - $210 for the hour - the CFRW® will review your resume and one sample or current job announcement for the best possible MATCH between the “one year specialized experience” required in the announcement and your resume. The expert federal resume writer and editor will review the resume for content, keywords, length, writing style, required compliance information, and ACCOMPLISHMENTS. This one-hour review, mark-up and discussion will be invaluable for your federal job search. Our goal is to help you get Best Qualified for a federal position for a specific job title and grade in the government. AND we will answer your questions and concerns about your federal job search campaign, hiring authorities, and USAJOBS.

We might break up the consultation into two parts. Information in the first 30 minutes with the assessment. The 2nd 30 minutes reviewing your additional information that you can provide based on the keyword assessment. This is an invaluable session to determine what is WRONG with your federal resume and what to change to get BEST Qualified.

Our $210 service includes the mark-up of your resume, a set of keywords for a target position,
and recommendations for improving the resume.

This is not a full-service WRITING service. This is an assessment and consultation about what needs to change with the resume. We will also provide a quote for the number of hours to write and edit the resume if you would like additional professional writing services. The writing time is also $210 per hour. We will give you a quote on the writing time. This additional writing service is optional for you to consider. The stand-alone $210 consultation and assessment service is an invaluable evaluation of your current federal resume with recommendations to improve the content and format.

Turnaround for consultation is 1-3 working days.