Federal employees who are searching for a government job for the first time in many years need to realize that a federal job search requires more than a federal resume and USAJOBS. They will learn that the most effective campaign approach has ten steps.

This program is excellent for BRAC, reorganized organizations, and federal employees who are participating in career or leadership development programs.

Course text: Jobseeker’s Guide, 9th Edition

Preferred classroom format: Computer room for lessons in announcement search, keyword development, USAJOBS review, accomplishment writing, and federal resume drafting.

Course length: Full day, half day, or 90-minute webinar overview


  • Government One Day Training Rate:
    $5,486 per day (one instructor)
  • Commercial One Day Training Rate:
    $5,760 per day (one instructor)
  • Government Half Day (3.5 hours) Training Rate:
    $3,386 per half day (one instructor)
  • Commercial Half Day Day Training Rate:
    $3,555 per half day (one instructor)

Courses include the class text for up to 20 attendees.
Travel is not included in the Instructor fee.

Key Course Objectives:

  • Warm-up Exercise: Write one accomplishment and share with a small group
  • STEP 1: Focus Your Federal Job Search
  • STEP 2: Networking Success
  • STEP 3: Target Your Top Accomplishments
  • STEP 4: Find the Perfect Job Announcement
  • STEP 5: Identify Your Keywords
  • STEP 6: Federal Resume Writing
  • STEP 7: KSAs in the Resume and the Questionnaire
  • STEP 8: Apply for Jobs
  • STEP 9: Make Sure to Follow Through
  • STEP 10: Structured Interviewing 101