Program Agenda

Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW)
Certification & Training Program

Exclusively for Ten Steps Certified Federal Job Search Trainers (CFJST)
& Ten Steps Certified Federal Career Coaches (CFCC)

The CFRW is an intensive training and certification program designed specifically to guide you in developing your expertise in federal resume writing. Upon successful completion of both Parts I and II of the program, you’ll be awarded your CFRW credential and 24 CEUs.

Part I: Six 60-Minute Custom, Individualized Webinars

(Watch, listen and learn at your convenience with these pre-recorded programs.)

Taught by experts in federal resume writing and job search, these 6 webinars provide you with the strategies, knowledge, tools and techniques to become a talented and confident federal resume writer.

With 6 full hours of webinar training – and access to the instructors to ask questions and clarify information – you’ll learn the unique writing and formatting requirements of federal resumes.

The 6 webinars are customized to your specific clientele: transitioning military personnel, military spouses, veterans, wounded service members, career changers, graduating students, first-time applicants, mid-career professionals and senior-level jobseekers.

Webinar #1. Introduction to Outline Format Federal Resume Writing | Specific Client Challenges
Learn to use the “HATS” technique to write keyword-rich duties and responsibilities for all levels of jobseekers, methods to transition resumes into the popular Outline Format, and strategies for advising jobseekers about the right format and content to match specific federal job announcements.

Webinar #2. Resume and Announcement Analysis | OPM Standards Analysis
Learn to create lists of keywords and keyword phrases for targeting each jobseeker’s resume, and how to utilize resources from OPM and USAJOBS to develop content for a “Best-Qualified” federal resume.

Webinar #3. Interview & Coaching Techniques for Accomplishments
Learn to ask the right questions when interviewing jobseekers so you capture powerful information, achievements and success stories. The better the information you collect, the stronger the resume content that you’ll be able to create and the more successful your clients will be.

Webinar #4. Plain Language Writing
Learn to write federal resumes in the most popular writing style – Plain Language – and how to prioritize resume content to create the standard 3-page to 5-page federal resume.

Webinar #5. Federal Resume Formatting for Readability
Learn to format federal resumes for all types and levels of jobseekers, including unique formats for graduating students, career changers, IT and technology specialists, and entry-level, mid-career and senior-level professionals.

Webinar #6. Federal Resumes & USAJOBS Builder
Learn to write and format for the USAJOBS Builder and how to match the all-important Questionnaire “test.”

Part II: 4 Federal Resume Writing Projects

(Work 1:1 with an experienced federal resume writer to master the resume development and writing process.)

There’s no better way to learn how to write federal resumes than to do it – over and over. In the CFRW program, you’ll work collaboratively with one of The Resume Place’s most experienced federal resume writers on 4 case studies where you will:

  • Review the federal job description, KSA requirements and other position details
  • Develop and write a federal resume
  • Format the resume to meet federal hiring standards
  • Review, edit, proofread and finalize the document

You’ll meet with your coach/mentor via phone or to review each resume project. During this time, you’ll receive specific feedback to improve your writing, editing and formatting skills to meet the CFRW requirements.

Plan to dedicate 4-5 hours per project for both writing and coaching. We can provide you with case studies or you can choose to work with real clients who have contacted you for federal and USAJOBS resumes.


Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be awarded the CFRW and 24 CEUs. Just as important, you’ll instantly position yourself in an elite group of Ten Steps Coaches and Trainers who have earned this exclusive resume certification.

Be sure to prominently display the CFRW logo on your website and in your LinkedIn profile, bio, resume and any other marketing materials to attract federal jobseekers to you.

The CFRW designation is awarded by The Resume Place, Inc., the world’s leading training and certification company for federal resumes, career coaching, job search, HR, USAJOBS and federal hiring programs.