Our Federal Career Consultation is insightful for building your federal resume, targeting the correct federal jobs, and beginning preparation for job interviews. Order the Federal Career Consultation that best fits your federal job search situation. See our Sample Federal Resume in the Outline Format. We will coach you to write this format!

 $210 Federal Resume Consultation: Order Here

First-Time Federal Applicants

A successful (best qualified) federal resume is not a guessing game. It is highly strategic in terms of the qualifications that you can offer, including education, training, specialized experience, and your knowledge, skills and abilities. This session is mandatory preparation for our federal resume writing service, in order to determine the best occupational series for you, the grade level that is right for you, and how to match your background and resume to a job announcement.

Current Federal Employees with Current Resume

Are you seeking a promotion with a fairly current federal resume? This consultation will cover your strategies to get promoted to the next grade level, to change occupational series, or to change agencies. During the session, your consultant will review your resume, a sample target announcement, and what is missing in your federal resume for past applications. The session will also include a discussion about accomplishments in the CCAR (Context, Challenge, Actions, Results) model. The accomplishments can help your resume stand out to get Best Qualified and referred (as well as selected for an interview). Use our CCAR Accomplishment Builder to write your work accomplishment stories!

Current Federal Employees with Outdated Resume

Are you trying to update your federal resume for the first time in many years? This consultation will cover your past years of experience, accomplishments and challenges. Homework will be given for accomplishments, responsibilities and KSAs, to cover both past work experience and targeting the new career.

Federal Job Search Troubleshooting

This consultation will cover past failed federal promotion attempts and applications that did not result in getting Best Qualified, Referred or Interviewed. Your consultant will review your past resumes, your questionnaire answers, and your responses (or lack of responses) from federal HR specialists. You will receive recommendations for changes to improve your results. This can include resume improvements, accomplishments / questionnaire answer improvements, document upload suggestions, or even the selection of different job announcements.

Don’t See Your Specific Questions / Topic Here?

This is just a sample of the topics we can cover in a consultation. Our expertise is very broad and we can likely answer your questions relating to military / veteran, SES, student, private industry, and many more topics! Contact us today!