SES ECQ Writing / Developmental Editing / Consulting Services

3 Hour SES ECQ Consultation: Includes a one-on-one discussion about ECQ writing and a review of two pages of narrative – send us a single, 2-page ECQ or two 1-page stories from different ECQs – Hourly rate is $260 per hour – 3 hours; $780Order Now Appointment within 4 working days.

The 1st Step ‒ YOU need to write your first draft of your ECQs.  Resume Place SES Writers and Editors cannot write the first draft.

To help you write the first draft, we recommend that you get our book, The New SES Application. The book takes you through the first steps of writing the ECQs.  We recommend you start with writing your Top Ten List of Accomplishments (within the last ten years).  From your first Top Ten list, you can map the ten examples into the ECQS. And then begin the REAL writing. The book is available as an eBook for immediate reviewing.  There are 3 sets of Top Ten lists in the book. Pages 20 and 21. And then two case studies in the book, Keith and Judy.  Look for their Top Ten accomplishments and follow the format as the FIRST step to writing ECQs.
Order The New SES Application here.
Want to be inspired to write your Top Ten? Look at a couple of blogs we have written about leaders and their Top Ten List of Accomplishments:

Colin Powell’s Top Ten
Benjamin Banneker’s Top Ten
Julia Compton Moore’s Top Ten
Clara Barton’s Top Ten

Writing your Top Ten is like writing your Leadership Accomplishment Legacy list. It is fun, interesting, impressive and IT’S MANDATORY for writing SES ECQs. And here at RP, we will help you map the accomplishments into the correct ECQ:  Did you Lead Change?  Did you Lead People?  Were you Results Driven? Was this Business Acumen?  Were you Building Coalitions?   We need two examples for each.  And you can write the first draft based on your Top Ten.


1. We are popular government agency trainers for leadership development programs and building the pipeline for SES in many agencies.  AND we begin with writing the Top Ten List in the class.
2. We have contracts with VA, USSS and other agencies to write, coach and edit ECQs for internal SES candidates and leadership program candidates. Our current CPARS review of VHA ECQs is 100% success.  This is outstanding, of course.
3. One-on-one agency requests for ECQ writing for selected candidates.
4. One-on-one agency requests for writing after the OPM Quality Review Board rejects a selected candidate. We rewrite the ECQs following the QRB Rejection Letter. And they pass.
5. One-on-one private pay clients requesting help with their ECQs for their career planning and promotion to the SES.
6. We wrote and published the best book, text, method, curriculum for writing ECQs – ever.  Starting with the Top Ten list. The New SES Application.

3 hour consulting & needs review: Within 5 Working Days
5 or 7 hour Mark-Up of the ECQs: Within 7 Working Days
Full-Service writing: 2 to 3 weeks

Average time required for the 5 page SES resume: 10 to 12 hours
We need your Top Ten List of Accomplishments to begin the writing!
We need a minimum of 7 days to write any SES ECQ project.