NEW! 5 weekly classes – 3.5 hours each
Total of 30 hours; 30 CEUs

5-Part Course Agenda:

  • Session 1 – Ten Steps to a Federal Job® – New curriculum, new Ten Steps book! From beginning to end – the steps the jobseeker will take to find the best announcements, ensure that they are qualified, write the federal resume, apply for the job on USAJOBS, and prepare for the interview. AND finally, methods to negotiate a higher step than the original offer.
    Class activities: How Many Hats Do You Wear at Work?
    Keyword lessons on USAJOBS; Introduction to the CCAR Accomplishment builder
  • Session 2 – Federal Resume Coaching Lessons – please send your resume or a client resume to the instructor for review and mark-up for recommendations. Send a sample job announcement also if possible.
    Class activities: Using the 11 Point Checksheet, review a resume and give it a score; review a resume against a set of keywords; create a keyword list for one announcement to match the resume
  • Session 3 – Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses® on USAJOBs and the NEW MILITARY SPOUSE FEDERAL RESUME – new information for military spouses with the Executive Order 13473
    Ten Steps to a Pathways Internship for Recent Graduates and Interns® – new book, new curriculum – improve the education section of the federal resume.
    Class activities: USAJOBS search for both military spouse and internship / student job announcement. Look for keywords and qualifications
  • Session 4 – Ten Steps to a Federal Job® – Instructor will teach the short Ten Steps in one hour or 1.5 hours.
    Class Practice Activity – Each class attendee will teach one or two steps with the short Ten Steps PPT.
  • Session 5 – HR Day Lessons, Charles Clark – critical for your jobseekers and coaching tips: Federal Human Resources, Veteran’s Preference, Unique Hiring Programs.
    Class Activity: Find a vacancy announcement with certain criteria. Charles Clark will give you the criteria to research and understand … in order to coach your clients on USAJOBS critical information. Always trying to not get the email: You are ineligible because you are not in the area of consideration.

Group Training / Certification

Please contact us or email Kathryn Troutman directly for information and a quote for bringing our certification program to your office or transition center by live webinar training..