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Off-the-Shelf Courses: Federal Resume Writing and USAJOBS Navigation, SES ECQ Writing, Behavior-Based Interview Preparation, Ten Steps to a Federal Job, The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses, Ten Steps to a Federal Job or Pathways Position for Recent Grads and Students
All Formats: Full Day, Half Day, 90 Min Virtual Classes
Government Agency Training: GSA, WOSB, SAM, US Navy SeaPort

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Resume Place, Inc., Publisher, Federal Career Publications
Best-selling career books by Kathryn Troutman with outstanding, successful resume samples in print or Immediate eBook access.
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Certification Programs

Since 2002, Resume Place, Inc. developed the first-ever and continue Certification training for career, employment, transition and human resources professionals. Learn how to teach YOUR CLIENTS HOW TO WRITE A FEDERAL RESUME AND LAND A FEDERAL JOB.

Virtual courses, 8 weeks, 90 minutes each; multiple sessions.
Zoom Platform. Proven successful. More than 30 classes taught every year.

Federal Resumes

Stand out. Get noticed. Get hired.

We can write a federal resume customized for your announcement, objective, grade level, career change ideas AND coach you to tell us great accomplishments so you will STAND OUT!

Career Blog

New Facilitating Career Development Course

Kathryn Troutman, Publisher, President, Resume Place, Inc. Baltimore, MD, July 12, 2022 Facilitating Career Development – New Certification Course Training Course that leads to the GCDF and CCSP Certifications Facilitating Career Development Training – For Your Career and Your Clients This year I decided to get certified to teach a new course, Facilitating Career Development,…

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2022 Star Spangled Accomplishment for Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from The Resume Place! July 1, 2022 Originally written by Kathryn Troutman July 4th, 2010 from Baltimore, MD Kathryn is a frequent visitor of Ft. McHenry, her Favorite National Park. The Star Spangled Banner KSA is her favorite KSA ! Introduction: Here at RP, as a Federal Career Coach® I am constantly…

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Federal Resume Guidebook Tops in USA

Kathryn Troutman, Publisher, President, Resume Place, Inc. Baltimore, MD, June 15, 2022 Federal Resume Guidebook Tops Charts as #1 Resume Book in USA! Kathryn Troutman’s award-winning guide explains how to write the special type of resume required by the Federal government Baltimore, MD; June 15, 2022 | This week author Kathryn Troutman received some great…

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