Kathryn Troutman’s Press Releases and Podcasts

Podcast: 3,2,1 iRelaunch! Are you relaunching your career? This podcast can help you consider the Federal Government for your next career! Interview with Carol Fishman Cohen, iRelaunch’s CEO and Co-Founder… Episode 175: How to Relaunch in the Federal Government, with Kathryn Troutman (Feb 11, 2021)

Press: Kathryn Troutman – Federal Career Coach® – Yearbook of Experts
(Dec 16, 2020)

Podcast: Is 2021 the year of the fed? (Dec 16, 2020)

Press Release: Tips on Biden-Harris Presidential Appointee Hiring Resources (Nov 25, 2020)

Podcast: Navigating The Federal Job Hiring Maze (Sep 28, 2020)

Podcast: Employ Prince Georges (Nov 20, 2019)