2024 Ten Step Class attendees have provided course evaluations and statements regarding the instructors and content.

Engaging Instructors

1. “I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking federal employment. Or any employment, as working with Kathryn has been very rewarding on both a professional and personal level.”

2. “[Kathryn] was very engaging and obviously very knowledgeable on the federal resume process. I appreciated her sharing her experience with us as a class as it added a lot of value.”

3. “The way Kathryn asked leading questions helped me to think on a deeper level.”

4. “I liked the fact that there were slides, but Kathryn shared so much more than just the slides—insights on how to teach it, what it means, how to engage when we’re coaching and teaching ourselves, and some great nuggets of advice.”

5. “[Charles] was fantastic and I learned a lot from him. I appreciated that the course materials were sent so I could print them out and take notes as he moved through the presentation.”

6. “Kathryn had so many stories and examples to share, and her experience was a huge benefit to her sessions. She was also funny and witty, and that made it all the more interesting!”

7. “John took this role very seriously and that made me really convinced that he knew his stuff. I think our group asked John our hardest questions and he always had good answers.”

8. “[Steve’s] presentation was WONDERFUL. Great briefing.”

9. “I enjoyed learning about the HR side of the application/hiring process. Charles did a great job of providing the specifics without making the information seem overwhelming.”

10. “Thoroughly enjoyed [John’s] direct presentation, and his depth of knowledge was evident.”

11. “Charles had so many details to share and used a ton of relevant examples.”

12. “I appreciated Steve’s examples and his teaching style.”