“That training was an eye-opener. After taking the class, I feel that I have the tool that I will need to help our customers get “Best Qualified” to “Hired.” Thank you for revealing the code to Federal Job Application success. If i knew then what I know now…insightful, enlightening, exhilarating and instructive all wrapped up in 3 days. Thank you Kathryn and Charles.”

“AMAZING! There isn’t enough space to express how I feel about this training class. Kathryn is a rock star! She knows her stuff.”

“It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to experience this training to remain up to date on the entire federal dynamics.”

“Very informative and helpful to know how the hiring process works in the Federal Government . I am also thankful to understand better what hiring managers are looking for in applications so that clients are putting their best foot forward.”

“This training was very informative. I will be able to communicate this information to jobseekers so that they will be able to understand the entire process easily.”

“You are wonderful! Thank you for all your above and beyond sharing as it truly makes a difference in the lives of others who are seeking a better job and benefits.”

“The training is awesome, I learned so much from day one, this information will really help our customers. Thank you”

“It is the most up-to-date and consistent training of any experienced during my 14 years of federal government service. The value of helping Service Members, Spouses, Veterans, Federal Government Employees, and people of all other career fields on how to pursue their goals in applying for federal employment is invaluable and priceless.”
Joe P. – Employment Readiness Program Manager, USAG-Miami

“I am so grateful that Kathryn reached out to me. To become part of her team is going to be a new exciting challenge. Sharing the CCAR and talking about accomplishments, made me really think about what I do for my job. It even reminded me of something I did when I was a CO and creating a template for Project Orders being issued under grants which is not reflected in my resume anywhere.”

– Dianne P. – DHS/CBP

“It would be good to do a refresher course every year or two. Kathryn is a great mentor and helped me coach my soldiers and send me ideas on my resumes and writing. I cannot say enough about her. I have been and continue to be successful in helping soldiers secure federal jobs because of her teachings. What a gem.”

– Lehua K. – Work for Warriors HI

“You think you have a good understanding, and then you find out all the stuff you didn’t know.”

– Chris B., USAG Benelux

“Wonderful instructors and course! I feel not only more confident in my abilities for resume writing, but also being able to assist others as well to set them up for a brighter future.”

– Colleen Kelly, Travis AFB

“I enjoyed the training. I look forward to doing my own research and playing around with the site and using the books to navigate. I’m excited about this knowledge and sharing it with clients.”

– Tracy A. – Travis AFB

“This course was very helpful. I am in charge of three different programs here at ACS and the employment piece I felt I needed more training. I learned so much from this course.”

– Henry M., Camp Zama, Japan

“I love the “outline” format method – it builds clear, concise accomplishments statements.”

“My name is Gail Sutton and I recently attended Kathryn Troutman’s Federal Workshop. I highly recommend that you attend if you are working with Veterans.

At the University of Maryland University College we have a student population of over 90,000 students located in 26 countries. The largest majority of our student population is active military members, military spouses, and veterans and so on.

Kathryn’s workshop has helped me tremendously to better prepare our military population to transition from military life to civilian life especially in the areas of translating military language into civilian language, federal resume writing for those interested in working for the Federal government.

The training also better prepared me to assist veterans with disabilities, the direct hire process for eligible veterans, certain former overseas employees – family members, military spouse preference and so much more.

In fact, I stay in touch with about seven of the counselors/coaches who attended Kathryn’s workshop and they all agree that it is a must attend type of workshop. In fact, one of the attendees came over from Japan because he works with veterans. He emailed me recently stating how valuable the workshop was for him.”

— Gail Sutton

“Every bit of information you provide is very helpful. It is encouraging to know the ins and outs of Federal resume writing and the federal application process. Thank You both very much!”

“Mahalo Kathryn & Team! Come back to Hawaii and allow the Work for Warriors Hawaii to assist you!”

“Excellent Training, have been certified for several years and have not seen any other federal resume training that has measured up to this training. Thank you Kathryn and Resume Place.”

“I’m very thankful for this opportunity and have really gained a lot of knowledge of both sides of the federal hiring process.”

“For a virtual training, I learned a lot. I like following along with the book as part of instruction as it is a good too to teach students how to use.”

“I appreciate Kathryn’s informal teaching style…she’s very approachable and always so willing to share her knowledge.”

“Outstanding class and Team, highly recommend!”

“This training was great! I appreciated the in-depth information and the opportunity to see resumes reviewed.”

“Kathryn’s sharing her wealth of knowledge was invaluable. The books are going to be great references for me. The books and power points are very informative and will be key in helping me assisting others in writing their resumes.”

“The reputation of this course is excellent, and I was not disappointed. 🙂 Having examples is invaluable. Thank you for the many resources and points of contact you provided.”

– Kymberli S. – Sterlene & Scott Careers

“Kathryn is an amazing facilitator! I have learned so much valuable information from her and look forward to using the information she provided to help/coach others.”

– Heather J., Travis AFB

“I definitely feel it is necessary to do reviews/recertification for updates and changes. One change can be the biggest change for someone to land their dream job.”

– Connie M. -Hohenfels ACS

“We got a ‘Hire’ at the US Secret Service Washington DC Office. Last year July at the “Certified Federal Job Search Trainer®/ Certified Federal Career Coach® in Richmond VA, I brought a Spouse resume with me and worked on it during the course, I’m happy to inform you that the client was screened and hired this month by the Secret Service, and she called to say thanks yesterday morning, and that the new resume did it for her…..Thanks Kathryn, it worked she got hired and as she said, ‘This career position will change my life.'”

— Gary Simpson

“Great course as always, Kathryn! I’ve been through this three times and I’m still learning new things every time.”

– Jeanne B., 175 Wing

“Excellent Training, have been certified for several years and have not seen any other federal resume training that has measured up to this training. Thank you, Kathryn and Resume Place.”

– Robin S., USAG Daegu, South Korea


“I enjoyed the interactive course and the ability to watch Kathryn navigate USA jobs and resumes-as we will teach our clients.”

“I love the instructors. The wealth of knowledge can’t be beat!”

“Kathryn made the Federal Resume writing easier to understand.”

“I love how the key to securing federal employment is broken down into 10 steps; it is
manageable and not overwhelming.”

“Good course. Enjoyed reviewing resumes and view the before and after to see the differences.”

“Great training, I learned a lot. Never knew all this great information when I was Federal Employee.”

“Kathryn is a rock star!!!”

“I just wanted to let you know that attendance at the 3 – day course in March [2012] has done wonders for my confidence and wonders for my clients. When we go through the OPM Job Factors and the Grading of GS positions, most clients are over-joyed to have opened the “treasure chest” where the mystery of pursuing a Federal Job Position is solved. Thank you for all that you do!! I love the books and find something new EVERY day that I can share with my fellow coaches.”

— Diane Hart, M.Ed.
SMSgt, USAF (Ret)
Career Coach
Department of Veterans Affairs
VA for Vets Coaching Center