This one-day, half-day, 90-min webinar writing virtual (or live) workshop is highly effective for Federal employees who need to be inspired to write competitive Federal resume to get promoted!

Federal Employees are familiar with the federal resume, but they may not know how to master the format for Builder; how to find and add the keywords to their federal resume; or how to write accomplishments that can cover the KSAs in the announcement.

Also, federal employees may not realize the importance and implications of the Questionnaire for the entire application. We teach all of this in a 1/2 or full-day program!

This course is fast-moving, interesting, engaging, and active. The course targets federal employees who would like to change positions or get promoted.

Preferred format: Virtual training via the Zoom platform. Active participation in the chat and interviews. Live USAJOBS tours and online research. Lessons in writing ECQ writing with Contact, Challenge, Action and Results: ECQ definitions, length, executive-level writing.

Course length: Full day, half day, or 90 minute webinars

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TRAINING RATES – per 20 attendees:

Additional Attendees will be $274 per person for full-day; $170 for half-day

  • Federal Resume and KSA Writing Workshop, Full Day
    Government Training Rate: $5,486
    Commercial Training Rate: $5,760
  • Federal Resume and KSA Writing Workshop, Half Day
    Government Training Rate: $3,386
    Commercial Training Rate: $3,555
  • Federal Resume and KSA Writing 90-Min Webinar – with Zoom Administration
    Government Training Rate: $3,000
    Commercial Training Rate: $3,150
Includes agenda designed to meet course objectives, attendee registration, technical support,
& CHAT content forwarded to attendees.

Class text:

Federal Resume Guidebook, 7th Ed.
Print book plus shipping is $25.95
Book PDF is $15.95

Course Outline: Five Critical Lessons

  • Federal Resume Writing in the Outline Format: The Outline Format is favored by federal human resources specialists, hiring managers, and applicants. Outlines are easy to write and focus toward specific job announcements.
  • USAJOBS Resume Builder: How to master the builder and present resume content in an impressive, readable structured format.
  • KSA Accomplishments: KSA separate narratives are eliminated form most vacancy announcements, making it critical to include KSA accomplishments in the resume. Class members will write two accomplishments and share with a small group. They will get inspired to recognize the difference between Duties and Accomplishments.
  • Keywords and Announcement Analysis: Federal employees often have difficulties mastering keywords. We will teach them how to find 10 keywords in just 10 minutes.
  • Core Competencies and Specialized Experience: Learn how to stand out with your best competencies: creativity, innovation, customer services and interpersonal skills. Federal employees learn the importance of soft skills and how to market their technical skills.

The Resume Place training and books are on the GSA Schedule (GS-02F-0023S)

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