SESSES ECQ Writing / Developmental Editing / Consulting Services

For GS 14-15 Government Executives and Corporate Executives seeking SES positions.
Initial 3-Hour ($260 per hour) SES ECQ Consultation

1. If you do not have a draft of ECQs yet, our 3-hour SES ECQ Consultation and document review service will get you started with writing your Top Ten List of Accomplishments. We will review your Top Ten List and help you map them into the 5 ECQs and give you direction to continue writing the ten accomplishments in the CCAR format. You will need to order our eBook, The New SES Application to begin your SES ECQ Writing.

This will be two separate consultations:

  1. Consultation one: Get you started with your Top Ten. Review your resume for accomplishments.
  2. Consultation two: Review your Top Ten against the ECQs and determine where the accomplishments will fit into the ECQs.

2. 5-page SES Resume. We can review your 5-page SES resume for the required 5 ECQs and TQs. We will give you recommendations for changes for the content, examples, CCAR, results and executive writing language.

3. If you do have a set of ECQs, our 3-hour SES ECQ consultation and document review service will entail reading your ECQs and marking them up in terms of the following:

Three-Hour SES ECQ Draft Review

  • Does each example match the specific ECQ?
  • Does each example include the required CCAR writing format?
  • Are the 28 leadership competencies covered?
  • Are the examples leadership level, or are they management level?
  • We will give you a report. And we will give you a quote for professional writing services to complete the ECQs.
  • The writing service is $260 per hour and we will quote the hours after the assessment.

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Your consultation will not begin until payment is made.