The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses® 2nd Ed.


The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses® 2nd Ed.

ISBN-13: 978-1-7337779-0-2
126 pages
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2020 Winners & Distinguished Favorites!

2 Book Awards for The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses – Kathryn Troutman

  • Winner – Military Non-Fiction
  • Distinguished Favorite – Careers

Read the Foreward Book Review, “The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses is an essential resource for military spouses looking to make a change in their lives and careers” Clarion Rating 5 out of 5


2020 Winners & Distinguished Favorites!

2 Book Awards for The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses – Kathryn Troutman

  • Winner – Military Non-Fiction
  • Distinguished Favorite – Careers

The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses® 2nd Ed.

By Kathryn K. Troutman Author and Publisher, with Bobbi Rossiter

The only fedjob guidebook for military spouses is now updated with the latest winning strategies!

Careers/Government | 8-1/2 X 11; 124 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7337779-0-2

In the past, it’s been tough for military spouses to establish their own careers. With frequent moves to new bases, they can end up with a hodgepodge history of many part-time and volunteer positions – and no one steady employer.

The federal government has stepped in to help. And while its Priority Placement Program for Spouses (PPP-S) has an end-date of April 1 2019, other military spouse initiatives have been greatly improved. For instance, USAJobs is showing a 70% increase in its military spouse fedjob postings since our 1st edition. For military spouses who want to be up-to-date and stand out, our new 2nd Edition of The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses is a must-read.


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  • Introduction of the NEW Military Spouse Federal Resume, which features PCS Orders on top to put the jobseeker’s work history in context and announce up front that “I am a military spouse.”
  • 6 excellent sample “after and before” resumes from real-life military spouses, showing how to present background to match the announcement’s required skills and abilities.
  • A chart of keywords to include in resumes for the most popular job series for military spouses.
  • An original list of the number of DOD federal civilian jobs at each base, which was created especially for this book.
  • A user-friendly, clear 7-step process is provided.
  • Fun and attractive two-color layout breaks down the info and makes it accessible.


Ann J. Hadn’t worked in 22 years but offered great volunteer experience. Decided to look for fedjob while attending an eTAP with her husband in Oahu. HIRED with her first-ever federal resume for Administrative Assistant, GS-06, for the U.S. Air Force.

Jennifer P. Smartly sought a fedjob as military spouse while still eligible before husband’s retirement. Applying on USAJobs, she LANDED a GS-07 position, Management Assistant. Got MBA. Was HIRED as a Contract Specialist, GS-9. Now on Career Ladder. Feeling good about sending her 5 children to college.

Nicole B. No job for 11 years, but entrepreneur with custom cookie business. Attended a Military Spouse class, which lead to Troutman consulting on resume. Suggested adding experience from business – logistics, inventory, customer service. Looking for positions as new PCS orders come up.

Jan M. Had successful fed career during her husband’s active duty service overseas. But back in DC, competition was intense. Troutman advised Jan add Accomplishments to resume. RESULTS: She LANDED a GS-14 fed position in DC! Couple moved again, but now Jan is ready with new fed MS resume.

Natalie G. Winner of our Military Spouse Contest, Natalie got a free rewrite of her resume. Natalie had NEVER had a full-time job as a military spouse. RESULTS: Her resume is now targeted for Linguist, Interpreter, Instructor positions based on part-time experience; ready when moved to next installation.

Bobbi R. Was REFERRED for several federal positions as a military spouse applicant, but then had to PCS. She came to the author’s business, The Resume Place, in MD from Japan. A collaborator on this 2nd edition, she teaches military spouses how to apply for fedjobs using the Military Spouse Fed Resume.

Fedjobs make sense for military spouses for many reasons. First, there are more civilian jobs for the federal government on military bases than any other employer. Second, working for Uncle Sam enables the military spouse to stay with the same employer when moved from base to base. Third, the federal government is a very family-friendly employer with many tele-commute positions and flexible hours.

Wouldn’t it be great for military families to have this additional income? So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of the cutting-edge The Stars Are Aligned for Military Spouses, 2nd Ed today!

Who Should Buy This Book

Military Spouses, Active Duty Military Whose Spouses Are Interested in Fed Careers, Military Transition Counselors, Employment Counselors, Federal HR Specialists, EEO Specialists, Federal Managers.

Add your PCS Military Career History to
your Federal Resume!

Part 1: USAJOBS Federal employment information for military spouses

  • Learn the difference between a private sector resume and a federal resume
  • Learn about how to read a USAJOBS vacancy announcement and match your resume

Part 2: SIX Outstanding Samples of the NEW Military Spouse Federal Resume – with PCS History!

  • Add your PCS History to show your knowledge and experience of military service
  • STAND OUT with your military spouse experience !
    Military spouses travel around the world with their military partner for their career. It’s time that military spouses build their own career with the US Government in a federal career. Federal jobs and NAF jobs are available at every military base in the world.

Join Kathryn, Bobbi and Mike Causey for a lively discussion!

Mike Causey Federal News Network Radio Show
Mike and Kathryn and Bobbi Talk about Federal Jobs and
Federal Resumes for Military Spouses on USAJOBS!


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