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  • You want an expert SES application discussion of what you may need in light of your existing materials and the requirements of an SES position or your specific announcement.
  • You need a 10-page set of ECQs based on an existing 5-page SES resume with ECQs embedded.
  • If you need to start from scratch (or with limited materials) to prepare an SES resume or ECQs.
  • You’ve already been selected for a position (CONGRATULATIONS), and need to craft or upgrade ECQs, we will review the requirements of your agency and/or OPM, and assess your needs.
  • You need an upgraded, executive resume to accompany your ECQs.
  • You need to rewrite or update one or more of your ECQs,
  • You need a 5 page SES resume update to accompany your ECQs and match your Leadership Accomplishments

The New SES Application

Senior Executive Service Applications

Popular text for SES ECQ classes in Government

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ECQ Writing Lessons – Write your ECQS correct the first time

Examples of the CCAR accomplishments
Examples of the 5 page SES Resume

Write your MTQs correctly

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Senior Executives!

Our text, The New SES Application is used as our text for teaching SES ECQ Writing in federal agencies. This book is invaluable and give examples of executive Top Ten Lists, ECQs and the 5-page SES resume.

To address the 5 Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), you must write about 2 leadership accomplishments (one page each) for each of the 5 ECQs, resulting in 10 pages total of ECQ writing. We will assist you in selecting accomplishments to match each ECQ and in drafting your narratives in the required OPM format.

The 5 Executive Core Qualifications:

  • Leading Change– What have you done to lead change?
  • Leading People– How do you lead people?
  • Results Driven– What results have you achieved?
  • Business Acumen– Business examples include: Information Technology, Human Resources and Financial Management
  • Building Coalitions – How have you built coalitions to achieve your mission?

Our Acclaimed Step-by-Step SES ECQ Writing Service

Our experienced senior executive writers will craft the Traditional 10-Page Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) based on your leadership accomplishments within the last 10 years.

The Starting Point: Your Top 10 List of Accomplishments

The entire SES ECQ Writing Service will begin with your Top 10 List of Accomplishments (that you MUST draft) and/or your own first draft of your ECQs if available. These Accomplishments are your most challenging, impressive, and highest leadership accomplishments from the past 10 years.  Starting your Top Ten CCAR accomplishments with the RP CCAR Accomplishment Builder. It is a great way to write your stories! Free and Easy!  Then we can edit and map the stories into the ECQs.

Mapping Your Top 10 into the ECQ

After your Top 10 is written, your SES writer will review your Accomplishments and map them into the 5 ECQs: Leading Change, Leading People, Results Driven, Business Acumen, and Building Coalitions. The SES consultant will give you feedback about how the Top 10 will map into the ECQs and advise you on the gaps and your strengths.

Writing the ECQs in the CCAR Format

After the ECQ mapping is completed, your SES writer will review the ECQ accomplishments for the Challenge-Context-Action-Results story-telling formula, which is a mandatory writing style for the ECQs as required by the Quality Review Board of OPM. Our SES writers are experts in the CCAR format and in getting the most comprehensive examples that will match the ECQs.

Analyzing the ECQ Accomplishments Against the 28 Leadership Competencies

After your SES writer coaches you on writing the CCAR formula for each of your Ten Accomplishments, the narratives will be reviewed against the 28 Leadership Competencies to ensure that the accomplishments match the leadership competencies.

This proven step-by-step process allows for your ECQs to be outstanding, targeted for the job you want, and fitting OPM requirements.

Past Performance – Resume Place Senior Executive Service ECQ Writing Workshops in Federal Agencies

This year RP Certified SES Federal Resume Writers taught SES ECQ Writing and SES Behavior Interview Techniques in the following agencies and Leadership Development Programs. Our SES EQ Writing workshops are listed on the GSA Schedule. We are Woman Owned Small Business:

  • US Secret Service, Bethesda, MD
  • FEMA, Emerging Leaders Program and Leadership Development Program, Washington, DC
  • U.S. Navy Executive Management, Bridging the Gap Leadership Program, Navy Yard, Wash., DC
  • USAF Personnel Center, CSLP Program, Capitol Hill Club, Wash., DC
  • U.S Air Force – HQ AFPC/DPIFDA
  • Transportation Security Administration, DHS SES CDP, Headquarters, Arlington, VA
  • HHS FDA Leadership Development Program, Bethesda, MD
  • Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Executive Leadership Development
  • Federal Aviation Administration, Leadership Development Program
  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, SES ECQs for Senior Executives
  • US Customs and Border Protection, Leadership Development Program
  • Department of Army, C-32 Mentorship Program