Student’s Federal Career Guide, 4th Ed.


Student’s Federal Career Guide,
4th Edition.

Kathryn Troutman, Author and Publisher

Independent Press Awards
Distinguished Favorite

ISBN-13: 978-1-7334076-2-5
144 pages
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Student’s Federal Career Guide, 4th Edition

Now, more than ever, recent graduates need a stable, dependable employer – the US
Federal government is hiring and they WANT to hire students and new graduates. The
jobs in the Federal government offer great benefits, and most are telecommuting today.

There are plenty of opportunities, in every field, for college students and new graduates.
But you must learn how to write the unique-style Federal resume, and it MUST match
the qualifications on the announcement. This award-winning book shows you how and
walks you all the way through the application process.

Winner – 2021 Gold Award for Business & Career, IBPA’s Ben Franklin competition
Winner – 2021 Gold Best Career Book, Independent Press Awards
Winner – 2021 Best Interior Design Nonfiction, IPA’s Distinguished Favorites

“I got my bachelor’s in Political Science and even did an internship in DC. But I had no
idea how to find Federal jobs after I graduated! My dad works for TSA and got me this
book. It shows how to look for jobs online and gives samples of resumes… Anyway, I
got a job! So it definitely deserves 5 stars.”
~ Emily

In this book, you’ll find:

  • 13 winning Federal resumes from actual successful applicants who were
    students or recent grads
  • How to feature your education at the top of your resume
  • Including accomplishments using course titles & descriptions, projects, activities
  • A 10 step application process starting with accomplishments and ending with
    negotiating the offer
  • Actual vacancy announcements and how to match them with keywords
  • How to handle the mandatory self-assessment Questionnaires
  • An explanation of Pathways opportunities in government for students and recent
    grads, and why it’s a great place to start a Federal career

This information is concise and reader-friendly, and it’s delivered in an attractive, three
color layout. The Guide is a MUST-HAVE for any student or graduate looking to work
for Uncle Sam. And it’s written by the Federal Resume Guru, Kathryn Troutman, author
of many popular Federal career guides.

The ONLY comprehensive guide for students on starting a government career. The eBook has been redesigned to have a friendly and easy to use interface to access the key chapters and samples. This is one eBook you will enjoy browsing!

Successful Student Resume Samples Included in the Book

  • Anne Crane, Health Insurance Specialist, GS-0107-9 (target GS 12)
    1 year PhD Studies, Counseling Psychology; MS, Applied Psychology
  • Jeremy Denton, USMC Veteran, Intelligence Analyst, GS-0132-9
    BA, Government and Public Policy, Legal Ethics, Governance
  • Sadie Harrison, Public Health Internship, SAMHSA, GS-06850-9
    Master of Health Sciences (MHS), Mental Health Policy,Economics and Services
  • Greg Martinez, IT Specialist (Cyber / Information Assurance), GS-2210-07
    BS, Computer Science, Minors: Statistics and Economics
  • Anne Masters, Archives Technician, GS-1421-09
    MA, Applied History; Archives and Manuscripts, Study and Writing of History
  • Marisol Mendez, Army National Guard, MPP, National Security Policy
    Master of Public Policy, Archives and Manuscripts, Study and Writing of History
  • Phillip Sang, Mechanical Engineer, GS-0830-9 (target 12)
    MS, Aerospace Engineering; BS, Aerospace Engineering;
    BS, Mechanical Engineering
  • Savannah Smith, Consumer Safety Officer, GS-0696-07
    BS, Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology with minor in Chemistry
  • Mark Thompson, Foreign Service Management Specialist, GS-0343-07
    BS, Sociology; Criminology, Media and Crime, Social Problems,Research Methods
  • Amita, STEM US Army Cyber Command, GS-2201-9 (target 12)
    BS, Computer Information, Digital Forensics Information Systems, Auditing, Cyber
  • Shawn, Air Force Veteran, Budget Analyst, GS-0560-9
    MBA, Business and Logistics, Accounting, Managerial Finance

Plus Cover Letter Samples

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