1. Learn About Federal Jobs
• Direct Hire vs. Competitive Hiring Process
• Federal Job Titles and Series and salary
• Military Rank to Federal Civilian Grades
• Veterans Preference
• Family Member Preference (Derived Preference)
  1. Network and Use Competitive Hiring

• Ways to Get Hired Non-Competitively –
Do you have to Apply for all Federal Jobs through USAJOBS? Answer: NO
• How to Network for Direct Hire Positions
• Special Hiring Paths
• Networking Contacts

Case Study: Maxime Gomez: Derived Prerefence,
Miltiary Spouse; Targeting GS-5 positions, CNE
  1. Search USAJOBS
• Top USAJOBS Search Tip for Veterans
• How to Search USAJOBS
• Critical Vacancy Announcement Features
• Sample USAJOBS Vacancy Announcements
  1. Find Keywords
• Top USAJOBS Search Tip for Veterans
• How to Search USAJOBS
• Critical Vacancy Announcement Features
  1. Explore Your Core Competencies
• Core Competency Examples from USAJobs Announcements
• Senior Executive Service Core Competencies
  1. Write Your Outline Format Federal Resume

• A Federal Resume IS NOT …
• A Competitive Federal Resume IS …
• Outline Format Federal Resume
(Sample Ammunition Test Engineer / Native Veteran Advocate)
• What to Include in Your Federal Resume

Resume Case Studies / Samples
• Julia Kelly: Ammunition Test Coordinator; Targeting VA Program Analyst GS 14
• Justis Martin: Dental Technician E-5; Targeting Park Service Info Specialist GS 07
• Joseph Robertson: Avionics Technician E-6; Targeting FAA Safety Inspector FG 09
• Jonathan Craft: Medical Lab Technican E-4; Targeting VA Health Technician GS 05
• Gloria Hayes: US Army Miltiary Spouse; Targeting Paralegal Specialist GS 07
  1. Write Your Accomplishments

• Top 10 List of Accomplishments
• Two CCAR Accomplishments – Format for KSAs

Accomplishments: Before and After Samples
• Cover Letter Sample
• Schedule A Cover Letter –
Letter for Person with Disability to Write to a Selective Placement Program Coordinator
  1. Apply for your Federal Job!
• Part One: Set Up Your USAJOBS Account
• Required Documents Chart
• Part Two: Apply for your Federal Job
  1. Track Your Application & Follow-up
• Application Results: Check Your Emails
• A Turnaround Story: From Ineligible to Selected by Writing to HR
  1. Interview & Negotiate for Your Federal Job
• The Behavior-Based Interview is a TEST – Get Prepared
• Negotiating Your Job Offer (first-time Federal applicants)
• Sample of Superior Qualifications Letter