SES Structured Interview Preparation and Practice with Audio Recording

Recommended for candidates seeking SES and other leadership positions.

Exploring a leadership candidate’s recent past behavior is a proven technique for predicting future job performance. The questions are often open-ended. A candidate’s responses to these questions will be systematically scored to identify the most highly qualified candidates. Preparing for a performance-based, structured interview requires practice—choosing and telling the right stories, ones that reveal both technical expertise and leadership. Interviewees must assume every open ended question is one that explores a candidate’s past accomplishments at a leadership level, and must be prepared to discuss these experiences with confidence.

An expert federal interview trainer will prepare you for this type of interview, giving you the insight and self-assurance you need.

This service is typically conducted by phone or online video chat. Training is completed in two sessions of 75 minutes each. Preparation time is also included for the instructor to review your resume, ECQs, PTQs and other documents. The instructor will prepare sample questions relevant to the position and conduct a mock performance-based interview. The first session will be spent discussing the process and focusing on the accomplishments and message that you will want to present in your interview. The second session will involve role-playing, feedback, and tips on how to improve your presentation in your Performance-Based interview.

Specific activities and goals:

  • Understand the interview structure and the scoring process, which evaluates behavioral bench marks.
  • Create a framework for responding to the question “Tell us about yourself and what makes you a good applicant for this position?”
  • Map your accomplishments by ECQ and sub competencies, as identified by OPM, to create a response that matches the structured interview format.
  • Use a proven method for developing a narrative response to the interview questions.
  • Practice your responses in a recorded mock interview, answering performance-based questions tailored expressly for you.
  • Analyze and review your audio to gain insights for improving your performance.
  • Follow appropriate post interview etiquette.

Please be aware that we need at least one week to schedule this service.

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“I just wanted to share my good news with you! I was notified this week that I got the SES job that I applied for.
I have your assistance to thank for my big turnaround from my first SES interview to the next. The feedback
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– Applicant went from GS to an SES position with the Air Force Materiel Command, after getting interview coaching from The Resume Place