Choose this service if:

  • You want an expert SES application discussion of what you may need in light of your existing materials and the requirements of an SES position or your specific announcement.
  • You need a 10-page set of ECQs based on an existing 5-page SES resume with ECQs embedded.
  • If you need to start from scratch (or with limited materials) to prepare an SES resume or ECQs.
  • You’ve already been selected for a position (CONGRATULATIONS), and need to craft or upgrade ECQs, we will review the requirements of your agency and/or OPM, and assess your needs.
  • You need an upgraded, executive resume to accompany your ECQs.
  • You need to rewrite or update one or more of your ECQs,
  • You need a 5 page SES resume update to accompany your ECQs and match your Leadership Accomplishments

Tap into our proven Senior Executive Service consulting expertise to maximize your career potential and present a competitive SES application package.

Select your SES consulting topics from our most requested ones below. Each topic is covered in a separate one-hour phone coaching session with one of our knowledgeable SES career experts.

SES Basics ‒ Getting Started

  • The Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) writing style
  • The Top Ten List of Leadership Accomplishments
  • The CCAR (Context/Challenge/Action/Results) Model for leadership and fundamental competencies

SES Strategies for Your Application

  • Presenting a package that is competitive
  • Advisory services for Executives seeking SES-level positions
  • Tailored advice for Private Industry Professionals, Military Officers, and Federal Employees seeking future or current SES opportunities
  • Strategies to reach SES level: What does it take in terms of career experience?

Interpreting SES Announcements

  • Creating a list of those crucial keywords for your application
  • Evaluating both your leadership and technical qualifications
  • Matching your qualifications to meet your targeted career goals
  • Evaluating your specialized experience
  • Updating and strengthening applications for current and future vacancy announcements

SES Career Development Application Writing

  • How the Candidate Development Program (CDP) can help you meet your career goal of obtaining an SES position
  • How to write and strengthen your SES application and narrative for selection for the CDP

SES Application Services and Submission

  • A complete review of your USAJOBS Account, including your all-important Profile
  • Uploading relevant documents
  • Uploading or copy and pasting the Resume, Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Technical Qualifications (TQs)
  • Explanation of instructions for applying correctly
  • Application / submission of your SES application for you and with you