Three-Hour SES ECQ Draft Review

Choose this service if:
If you have a draft set of ECQs ready to read and review for OPM QRB Compliance
  • The SES Writer / Editor will read the ECQs to determine what will be needed to pass the QRB
    The SES Writer will mark up your ECQS and give you comments and recommendations on:
    1. The mandatory CCAR format for each ECQ example
    2. The evidence of the 28 Leadership Competencies within your leadership stories
    3. Writing style – looking for Active Voice
    4. The examples you have chosen for each of the ECQs.  Are they correct? Recent Leadership Level
You will receive a report back on the state of your ECQs and recommendations for changes
You will also receive a quote for additional full-service writing to assist you with completing, editing, and rewriting the ECQs 
Ready for OPM QRB review.
The writing service will be $260 per hour. The writer will tell you the no. of hours needed to complete the ECQs.
Resume Place has a Blanket Purchase Agreement for 5 years for all VA Medical Center Director SES Applications:
Resume Place Completed VA SES ECQs for Medical Center Directors in 2021 with 95% success rate passing the OPM QRB.

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