$460.00 – Commercial Rate
$435.00 – GSA Government Rate

– Including brief review of drafted ECQs –

We will review your resume, existing ECQ content, and related documents, and talk to you about our SES ECQ writing process and your specific needs to improve or revise your ECQs. We will also review any leadership-level job announcement and its requirements in light of your history. After a phone consult (30–60 minutes), we will provide you with a quote for improving/revising your ECQs, preparing an SES-level resume with ECQs embedded, and/or crafting any other written products required. We need 2–4 days to set up the $460 consultation; we will need 2–3 weeks for full-service writing which addresses the ECQs and other application content.

– Including review of your resume and supporting application materials –

April 26, 2022 – Sign up for the ALJ Consultation as soon as you can, as we are receiving many requests. We do not yet know the specific application requirements for the new ALJ announcement anticipated from the Social Security Administration, but we have extensive experience with a range of past ALJ announcements, and related agency screening and examination processes. Our book, The ALJ Writing Guide (2016) includes professional resume samples as well as sample narrative answers to past application questionnaires. A copy of this book will be provided along with other helpful materials. Our professional resume consultant, attorney Nicole Schultheis, JD will review your materials in light of existing or potential application requirements and advise you accordingly. It may take up to 2 days to arrange your consultation, either by phone or video. The consultation will include time for materials review as well as a brief follow up call to assess additional materials prepared in response to the initial consult.