Mark Danaher, Lead FCD Instructor,
Career, Life, and Leadership Coach/Speaker

Mark Danaher is a career, life, and leadership coach and speaker.  He is the founder of Careers by Design, a coaching and training business located in Connecticut.  He helps unhappy professionals change their careers and lives to one they will love.  Mark has been a career counselor and coach for over 28 years, assisting professionals in connecting the dots to reduce stress, regain balance, and thrive in their life and career.   Through his private coaching practice, Mark presents workshops and training for career professionals, universities, businesses, and organizations throughout the United States.  His commitment is to help people find the work and life they love and deserve.   He has a passion for assisting people in reinventing themselves to be ready for their next adventure.

Mark has served as President of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the Connecticut Career Counseling and Development Association.  He also served as a Trustee for NCDA.  Currently, Mark is serving on the Training and Education Council for NCDA, focusing on the School Career Development Advising training.

In his most recent recognition, Mark was named a Fellow of the National Career Development Association.  He was recognized as Manchester High School Teacher of the Year and as Manchester District Teacher of the Year for his teaching and counseling students about career development.  Mark became a Finalist for Connecticut Teacher of the Year for his career work.

Mark Danaher, CCSP, CCC, CSCDA, CPC is a Facilitating Career Development (FCD) and School Career Development Advisor (SCDA) Master Trainer.  NCDA contracted with him to move the Facilitating Career Development course from a face-to-face model to an online version for better access and equity for adults.  Mark has been teaching the Facilitating Career Development Program to individuals ranging from counselors and higher education advisors to military and workforce development professionals online throughout the world.  He enjoys helping the individual understand and integrate the teachings of the FCD and SCDA courses into their current setting.

Kathryn Troutman, Author,
Speaker, Federal Career Coach®,
Program Manager

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman, Federal Career Coach®, Facilitator, Federal Career Development, is the founder and president of The Resume Place, Inc., a service business located in Baltimore, MD, specializing in writing and designing professional federal and private-sector resumes, as well as coaching and education in the federal hiring process.

Internationally recognized as the “Federal Resume Guru” by federal jobseekers and Federal human resources specialists, Troutman created the format and name for the new “federal resume” that became an accepted standard after the SF-171 form was eliminated in 1995. She is the pioneering designer of the Federal Resume based on her first book, the Federal Resume Guidebook, which already is in the fourth edition.

Troutman created the Certified Federal Job Search Trainer program – the first federal career train-the-trainer program ever – to train career counselors and military career counselors in the federal hiring process and on using the popular curriculum, Ten Steps to a Federal Job®, based on the award-winning book by the same name. Since 2002, more than 1000 career counselors and workshop leaders have been licensed to teach the Ten Steps curriculum.