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Kathryn Troutman wrote the first EVER federal resume book, The Federal Resume Guidebook in 1996, and it is still the most popular book on federal resume writing in 7th Edition.  Kathryn is the author of 30 books on federal resume writing, trainer and consultant to more than 30 federal agencies, award-winning publisher, subject-matter expert on federal hiring and federal resume writing for government jobs – all grade levels, all series, all agencies.

FEDERAL RESUME REVIEW AND MARK-UP:  Kathryn will give you a frank assessment of your resume toward a specific job announcement. She will tell you what is wrong with your resume, in terms of format, content, keywords, accomplishments, length. She will tell you specifically what to add to the resume to try to get Best Qualified by the Federal Human Resources Specialist who will be reviewing your resumes.  She understands how HR thinks, reads resumes, develops announcements and the approach you have to take to get BQ and Referred.

ANNOUNCEMENT ANALYSIS AND KEYWORD PHRASE LIST:  Kathryn will analyze your target announcement and tell you specifically which words are critical to be featured in the resume. Preferably on page one, so the HR specialist can see your specialized experience. This resume is critical that the key phrases from the Specialized Experienceand Questionnaire are included

FEDERAL CAREER CONSULTING:  If you are serious about obtaining a federal career, Kathryn can consult with you about a realistic plan for a specific type of position, grade/salary level, agency match, timing, application, approach and qualifications required.  She can give you straight-forward answers to questions about where you may have been going wrong in your federal job search.

$590 FOR TWO HOURS:   If your project continues past the two hour time, you can opt for another two hour consultation for the same fee. Kathryn does not write federal resumes. She is a consultant. She will tell you what to change, add, feature, organize, re-arrange in your resume to target a specific position.

TIMING:  First appointment will be within 3 working days. Most of the two hours will NOT be by zoom or phone. Most of the two hours will be analysis of documents, writing/ creating keyword phrases, giving you feedback on one or two drafts of the resume that YOU will create based on her recommendations.

OUTPUT AFTER TWO HOURS:  You will receive keyword analysis, mark-up of your resume, recommendations for numerous changes, coaching lessons for accomplishments. YOU will improve the resume following her recommendations.
SECOND REVIEW: Kathryn can review your resume a second time, if you can respond with the recommendations and changes within 7 working days.  She will give you another review of the resume and recommendations about what you should continue to change to get Best Qualified for the position.  After this time, no more services will be provided, unless you order 2 more hours.

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    • Also, we would like to have a relevant USAJOBS announcement (current or past) to analyze.
    • Our goal will be to MATCH your resume to a federal job position or announcement.
    • If you do not have an announcement or do not know what position you qualify for, please write about your federal job objectives and attach your statement of objectives that can be uploaded into the Upload Job Announcement field below.
    • Thank you! Our goal is to help you get Best Qualified for a federal position!
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    URL: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/504711300
    Control No: 504711300
    Announcement No: 18-FS-231-P
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt, Max. file size: 50 MB.
    (50MB File Size Limit)
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  • WHAT'S NEXT: A Federal Human Resources Specialist will review your USAJOBS and federal job search information, resume, announcement and objectives. And write back to you with recommendations for next steps to improve and/or start your federal job search.

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