No draft of ECQs or ECQs already approved

– If you have a draft of ECQs, we need 2 hours for the quote and recommendations. Please order here.

SES ECQs and Application Consultation:  We will review your resume and related documents. Discuss our method for writing the SES ECQs, MTQs and the 5 page SES resume.

Written Quote for Writing and Interview:  We will also review your leadership-level job announcement and evaluate its requirements in light of your history.  After a brief phone consult (15–30 minutes), we will provide you with a quote for either the ECQ package, or the Presidential Appointee resume and cover letter.

The ECQ package quote could encompass:  ECQs, an SES-level resume with ECQs embedded, or other written products required for a high-quality application consistent with your leadership experience.

Timing:  We need 2–4 days to set up the $230 consultation; we will need 2–3 weeks for full-service writing.

Upon submission, you will be redirected to the checkout page to pay the $230 fee.